Portal is a simple website which offers contact details and links (through flipping cards) to those institutions which use the same technology for presenting their data (i.e. virtual guide). We have no impact on the content of the linked websites, therefore please contact their administrators in case of any ambiguity.

Since we cannot ensure the descriptions in the linked virtual guide are substantial enough, we provide basic principles in the following section. Some details (such as coloring) might be different depending on the specific building and institution.

Application for accessing the virtual guide

Application contains:

  • panoramic and static images of strategic points of the building, which are relevant for independent movement of persons with physical disability (building entrances, platforms, ramps, lifts, etc.)
  • textual description of individual scenes which include technical specifications in particular (measurements, descriptions of how to use technical devices to overcome barriers etc.)
    interactive plan of each floor with scanned points of interest together with colored segment indicating the direction the user is facing
  • control panel allowing movement through floors (possibly buildings)
  • control panel for managing the current scene (directional arrows, zoom in/out, etc.)
  • guiding routes indicating ideal movement in the building between the points of interest

Basic controls of the application:

  1. control panel at the bottom – used especially for changing directions of the map, or returning to default state of the scene
  2. interactive floor plans – quick alternation between individual points or manual turning of the segment to achieve desired view of the scene
  3. directional arrows and lines – for smooth transition between scanned points
  4. limited control with mouse/fingers in case of touchscreen – dragging the image to turn the scene
  5. limited control with keyboard – turning the view in horizontal and vertical direction using the arrow keys